Tuesday, March 18, 2008

i feel DISGUSTING! *gaag*

It's finals week for me.. which means I had to cut down on EVERYTHING i do, and focus on my studies. I've got one more final Wednesday night, and then after that, my liver is going to get a beating. But like I said, I had to cut down on everything I do..

Drinking, going to the GYM [aaahhh!!!], Sleeping, Hanging out, Surfing the web, Blogging, being Lazy, watching LOST..

All I do is sit at my computer, stare at the screen, my books, my notes, and my whiteboard.. I only study for 30min at a time because I'm a HORRIBLE studier[?] and i have a short attention span when it comes to studying.

I need to get to the gym SOON. I feel like I'm out of the loop, like I have to catch up on everything I missed out on. Lucky this past weekend I worked out at Foundation Crossfit on Saturday, then did the BIGCLIMB for Lukemia on sunday *see Crossfit Log for time* .. but lately not going to the gym has made me feel REAL sluggish.

After my final, I will be heading to Seattle to celebrate with friends that will be finished with finals on Wednesday too, so expect a drunken story from this week. I'm sure Drunk-Marc will decide to come out and play.. and curse.. and curse again. Alrite, thats all i got for now. Oh yeah, trip to California this Easter weekend, meaning wine tasting! speaking of wine tasting, check out this clip that I watch constantly.. ITS AWESOME!

*sigh* Okay, back to staring at the same things over and over and over and over and..


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let's snuggle it out ;)

It's late and all i need is a snuggle..

You know you want one too..


Friday, March 7, 2008

Notables of the Week

Alright, the week is just about up. This one is going to be quick like ninja cause I’ve got a ferry to catch once again. No, I am not going to get drunk again.. this time I’m off to Seattle for a workout. So enjoy the next few minutes that I put together for your viewing pleasure..

Early this week, I arrived to the college campus a bit late as usual. I like to get into class right as it begins so that everyone can see how awesome I am before I sit down. SYKE, who does that? Not me.. and by “not me” I mean me. And by “me” I mean skanky girls that need attention to get on with their lives. You skanks. Anyways, point is is that its probably 60-something degrees outside, and I see this chick walking in shorts and crocs.. oh yeah, and a sweater. Now I know what you’re thinking..

“It’s 60-something degrees outside?! And this stupid chick is wearing CROCS?! Foreals, who in their right mind would wear CROCS?!”

I hate crocs. They are a croc of shit. Have I ever owned a pair? HELL NO, I have a brain that knows better than that. So then how could I judge a pair of “shoes” without even trying them on? Well, you know that saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” ? Well someone took the cover of the Crocs story, buried it far into the ground, and then puked all over the pages. That’s why I know crocs are lame-o. I’d go into further detail, but just the thought of crocs make me want to stab myself in my eye with a pencil.. eraser side. That way I stab my hand with the sharp side at the same time.. So the pain is even worse.

Luckily for me, another person feels the same way for crocs, and also doesn’t have to catch a ferry, so he/she has more time on their hands to elaborate on how dumb crocs are.. about Crocs and more

On a happier note, I just bought the CD/DVD album of Nick Swardson and it is funny as fuck. I popped it in and the first skit cracked me up. I suggest you all go out and get it. If you don’t know him, he’s known for his role in Reno 911, Grandma’s Boy, The Benchwarmers, Blades of Glory, and other movies/shows/comedy stand-ups.. He also posts up on Funny or Die , where he has some great short clips of things he’s written. Hilarious.

Speaking of Hilarious and Funny or Die.. I’m sure some of you have seen the clip of “Charlie bit me” .. if not then

.. well here’s the adult version.. I’d post up but I’m not sure if its too NSFW.. better safe than sorry.. Charlie Bit Me 2.0

Now for some advice..

Ladies, I have no clue how difficult it must be for you to keep your man, or future man in some cases, happy.. but from a guys perspective, I can help you understand what it is we men are looking for. So I think I have found exactly what you need.
[this is a joke by the way, don’t take me seriously]

On a serious note [foreals this time].. As you all may know, I’ve been trying to stay up to date with CrossFit. As of now, my legs are weak and my groin is in pain.. luckily for me I get to work out AGAIN this weekend! Its okay, no pain no gain, right? So to finish up this weeks notables, I’d like to indulge you into an idea I think is quite interesting. And I am sure this is probably true, because I know I wouldn’t mind a partner ;)

The female workout buddy
For some men, working out with a female can be a terrific motivator for more than the obvious reasons. First, just being around a female can help to increase your testosterone levels, which then translates to you likely having a better workout session. Secondly, if it's your girlfriend or wife you are working out with, this is a terrific activity for you both to do together that will help to strengthen the relationship, in and out of the bedroom.

Far too often couples get into the habit of doing more sedentary activities, coupled with more eating than usual, which results in weight gain. This, in turn, tends to lead to problems regarding attraction. So by choosing fitness as a common hobby, you are addressing the problem before it starts. On the other hand, some men prefer a male workout buddy since they tend to be shy around females, and will thus be distracted. The important thing is realizing what works best for you.

Have a good weekend everyone. Be safe, and wrap it up!