Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First App I'll Purchase When I Get My iPhone

goes great with Seattle traffic.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update from the middle of the Pacific

So here I am, on the island of Oahu, spending 10 days here on vacation with PJ. Her sister Annabelle is attending HPU here so we lucked out and are staying with her for the duration of this trip. I'm just about half-way through the trip and I am, so far, having a blast. I've managed to cut out all the touristy stuff and stuck to what the locals enjoy. Although some of the touristy things we will definitely touch base with such as Shark Encounter, snorkling in Hanauma Bay, visitng the Polynesian Culture Center (thanks Mom!), and hopefully some parasailing are among our list of "To Do."

One thing here I have yet to try, but have wanted to is the local Hawaiian food. Like some kalua pork, poi, katsu, loco moco, mac salad, etc. That list could go on forever. Hopefully we get a chance to try most of these out at the PCC. I did get to have small plate of kalua pork at a bar (pretty good), the Deluxe Breakfast from Mickey D's (had to! where on the mainland can you get rice, portugese sausage, spam and egg in a meal?!), more portugese sausage from Zippy's (need to eat there more, they have EVERYTHING), some Korean BBQ, and Japanese spicy ramen (bomb.com). I also got my hands on Hawaii's famous Puka Dog and shrimp from the shrimp truck on North Shore. Must Haves for visitors.

Right now I could definitely go for more food but PJ is napping and I'm not one to bother other people to get a bite/meal.

So right now we're waiting to head out to drink a fair amount of alcohol tonight, meet up with some of Annabelle's friends and just party the night away. I experienced one night so far of drinking till I passed out and it was pretty fun. We went to this sort of "Gameworks" place called Dave&Busters (already drinking about 4 shots of Patron or Malibu Rum, and a beer) where we met up with some friends and had myself about 1-1/2 25oz mugs of Blue Moon. This much alcohol and kiddy games called for some serious fun. I ended the night with a huge dolphin stuffed animal and a ring pop for myself. Tonights supposed to be THE NIGHT to go out, so there's a possibility I might top that night. Two ring pops and I'll call it a pretty good night.

The beaches here are amazing. Being about 10 minutes from Waikiki is pretty nice. Theres the option to go surf, swim, boogieboard, skim, or just about any other water sport. Although it does get pretty busy since it is Waikiki. We were able to make it out to North Shore as well and visited a "private beach" which was real nice. Barely any people on the beach and caught a glimpse of 4 sea turtles swimming near us! it was awesome. I guess it was a bit frightening at the same time since I'm not used to seeing sea turtles come about 10 feet away from me (let alone ANY sea turtles). I have to admit sea cucumbers freak the hell out of me already so a sea turtle might be a bit worse since they actually swim. I hope I'm ready for snorkling and the shark encounter..

Well, its about time for me start getting dressed for tonight. its about 1:23am in Seattle right now, but its 10:23pm here so its just about time to start the night. I hope I survive this trip. Remind me to get health insurance before I go do something like this again.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Go high or go home.

This looks fun.

...holy sh*t, did I just eat 'shrooms before watching that trailer? that was effin' weird. Definitely watching this one.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Slowly coming back now..

Daaaaang. I haven't been here in forever. Hopefully I can make more time for this again . I've got a lot of things in life coming up and need to keep an E-note of things since my short-term memory is horrible. but for now.. this is cool:

Reasons this thing is cool.
1. Floating apartments = leave for work/school/life either by car or by jetski/boat! sweet idea!
2. Green Built = better for the enviroment!
3. Recently went out on a boat, now I want one and this is EXACTLY where i want to put my boat/yacht.
4. Fishing right outside my balcony! put my annual fishing license to good use.
5. Great for those hot days.
6. Girls Sunbathing made easy and not a far drive away.