Monday, August 3, 2009

Slowly coming back now..

Daaaaang. I haven't been here in forever. Hopefully I can make more time for this again . I've got a lot of things in life coming up and need to keep an E-note of things since my short-term memory is horrible. but for now.. this is cool:

Reasons this thing is cool.
1. Floating apartments = leave for work/school/life either by car or by jetski/boat! sweet idea!
2. Green Built = better for the enviroment!
3. Recently went out on a boat, now I want one and this is EXACTLY where i want to put my boat/yacht.
4. Fishing right outside my balcony! put my annual fishing license to good use.
5. Great for those hot days.
6. Girls Sunbathing made easy and not a far drive away.