Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Calculus break > Calculus

I think it was earlier last night when I was shuffling through my things looking for what notes I needed to do homework, and I found the transfer catalog for UW: Architecture, and the sheet that came along with it. Looking over it I notice that Calculus II is not needed to enter the Architecture program..... .. .. .*!#@GAAH&%$!!!11. So I'm putting myself through hell, sort of for nothing. I told myself (1)there wasn't any other good choices of classes to take for now, (2)you need to freshen up on your math skills anyways, (3)you need to be in school right now.

After going through 3 sections straight, I needed a break. So what else do I do?
Find more of these!

Looking FORWARD to..
+ 1/30-2/1: Snowboarding @ Silver Mtn., Idaho
+ 2/14: Steven's Pass snowboarding
+ 2/15-16: Surprise trip???
+ Spring Break!
+ No more calculus please..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cadbury commercials FTW

HAD to post this up because [1]it's funny, [2]the music brings back some memories (lol to myself), [3] it's genius.

Cadbury - Eyebrow Dance from Kobe Derie on Vimeo.

Awhile back, Cadbury came up with this commercial as well. Kinda makes me think of that toy monkey living its dream. Maybe thats what they're trying to get at.. If it is, then I'm a genius and I get the commercial! Plus, Phil Collins can make some badass songs.

Cadbury - Drumming Gorilla from Stepa Mitaki on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh yeah.. 4yrs for the 44th president. Obama-fied!

If you don't know, then you're dumb, because we [yes WE!] made history today when Barack Obama was sworn into the presidential seat for the United States. I woke up at 8:57am to a voice telling me "It's almost 9.. do you wanna watch the inauguration?" and I jumped up, yawned, put on my glasses and sweats, and turned the tube on to see Joe Biden being sworn into the vice presidential seat. Later down the line, Obama steps up and makes history.

Some of you may have seen the presidents new ride while watching him get ready for the parade, but have you seen what else is tagging along?!

That thing is AWESOME. This is what follows the presidential car. Gotta get me one of these.

PLUS: More cool things to Obama-fy your gear!
Wallpaper for iPhone, Blackberry, Treo and Centro

Fanboys make a date. Not with women still

The movie "Fanboys" finally gets a date set in stone. And it's soon, too!

The date way back when was initially set for September 19, 2008. Then on September 4, it was moved once again to November 6th. Now it is finally set for February 6th, 2009. So mark your calendars, you nerds. 'Cause I did.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

pwn3d by the weather.. FAIL?

In the past 2 weeks, mother nature has taken the NW into her hands, squeezed the fun and sunshine out of it, then put it in her pocket and reintroduced us to rain+snow+wind+greyskies+floods+avalanches+sadface+butthurt. The weather wo/men say itll be a light wind chill with a chance of rain.. it snows that day. Then they say "grey skies".. and rain pours down. "chance of snow"... 4 inches [pause]. WTF! I think anyone can be a weather person now, cause all you have to do is PREDICT ANY WEATHER situation within the weather pattern of the year before, and BAM, your Steve Pool, or whoever you wanna be [Id be steve pool, cause he's black, so i have a chance at another job, like rapping, or any sport that doesnt include swimming.]

Lately I've been given the opportunity to go snowboarding, and so far I had to cancel TWICE because of crappy weather [avalanche, floods, blah blah..]. So I'm pretty upset. It doesn't help that winter quarter has started and Im finishing up Calculus after a 2 quarter break, which is a VERY BAD idea, let me tell you. I have so much catching up to do. I mean seriously, how do they expect me to keep up with snowboarding, LOST, and, underwater basketweaving if I have to over-study calculus all over again. ZOMG. So I'm sorta stuck indoors and can only resort to YouTube videos of snowboarding, or crying about it here.

Oh yeah! After class one day, I was walking home and decided to total up the amount I spent on all my snowboarding gear, not including the spare things I have. After estimating everything I wear on the mountain, not including the clothes under, I found that I snowboard with $750 on! good gawwwd, AND almost everything I bought was on sale. SO, if you decide on making snowboarding a habit, that's the smallest amount you MIGHT be able to pull off.

Before I go any further into my blabbling.. let's do a quick recap of what I forgot to mention..
+ Merry Christmas! dinner. Bacas' House. presents! insert xbox 360 here. back to seattle at midnight.
+ Happy New Year!..can't afford to go out. 3 person party = drunk fun. clean up crew next morning. NY resolution: play guitar/ukulele more.
+ School starts.. ZOMG too many variables and symbols. must resort to snowboarding.. FAIL.

On the up side though, I did manage to upload all my pictures from my camera to my hard drive. Now a few more months and they should be on my Facebook or Myspace. I've also been working on my cooking. Im pretty good so far, meaning I haven't killed myself or anyone, and I'm expanding my horizon on different cooking techniques. So on my off time from going out [see: BROKE], my plan is to get back into a routine.
8am: workout
10am: homework
1pm: class
3: work/study/homework

I've been on the bad habit of sleeping late and have been paying for it. Slowly but surely though I should be getting my internal clock back in working order. I feel the beginning of this year, everyone's plan is to get back into "shape", but not always literally. Some will cut down on the drinking, and pick up a weight instead. or turn off the TV and turn up the healthy foods. Stop going out, and begin a book. So I don't feel so bad as to missing out on many things, but like everyone else, I gotta do whats important first, and thats to focus on what I need to do to succeed.

*random thought bubble* Once I get my fisheye lens for my camera, im gonna start making my own snowboarding videos/clips. So everyone can see how AWESOME I am! Rawr! Deng, I need money. Deng, the weather sucks. *random thought bubble* /end

Recent video I found while pondering of snowboarding..

Travis Parker is rad. Plus, he's part of the DC crew. woot woot.

Also, i think ill add a song shall be added to my playlist on the mountain. video on THIS LINK. good workout song maybe? for the ladies, yes :) teehehehehe..

Today was the last day of class for this week. I'm about to go out and relax with PJ and her sister who decided that I should go with them to "R Place"... .. . .If you don't know where that is, then the rest of this entry should give you an idea. I figured 'what the heck. im never gonna be going in here, i might as well see what im missing out on. another story to write in my book.' As I left my place for PJ's apartment, my sister texted me "Amateur strip show at RPlace tonight :)" so that should be interesting...? I don't plan on drinking very much cause I can't afford it. Im really hoping the the hotdog stand is out on thursday nights and the weather holds up so I can get myself a creamcheese hotdog. YUMMY YUM YUM.