Thursday, February 28, 2008

LAST WEEKEND [Feb 22, 2008]

LAST WEEKEND [Feb 22, 2008]

Last weekend began Friday morning for me. At 11am, I had a date with Calculus, and she was a mean bitch, who likes to play with my mind. One hour passes with me and her arguing over who is better, and our time was up. Time for my next date: Alcohol.

I begin packing my things, set off to the ferry, then caught a ride with Mr. CrossFit [CF] himself, where we try figure out what the plan is.. and it went a little something like this..

1.Get Alcohol.
2.Get drunk.

Easy plan, right? Of course. Although CF was DD for the night, that surely didn’t stop me. I just got ass raped by Calculus, therefore Alcohol deserves sloppy seconds. We make it back to the apartment. Bottles begin to open up, mix drinks are made [with the occasional Dissarrono straight up, double], and the asian glow sets in. Everyone who’s everyone shows up, and the saga continues, drink after drink. Now, at this point, I am still Marc-James, meaning I may be a bit louder than usual, but I know what I’m saying.

We pack into the car and make our way to the club. First thought as we enter the club..

“I just got in for free! Mother fuckers, this is going to be a good night!.. where’s my drink?”

I spot the booth, set my jacket down, and wait.. “Hey Marc! Are you gonna get a drink?! C’mon, we’re getting one.” .. BINGO… “Hey, what do you want? Sex on the beach?”

“Sure.” One Sex on the Beach coming up.. *gulp* What the fuck?! This is gross.. Oh well, the words ‘shitfaced’ and ‘gross’ go perfect together.

It’s back to the booth where someone hands me a cup of champagne. AWESOME, cause this will get me fucked up even quicker. *gulp* *gulp*.. Aw shit, my stomach hurts, I knew I should have eaten more. Me and CF decide to get some fresh air upstairs where he introduces me to one of his friends [forgot her name, but she was cute.. I mean, she had a nice personality]. Stomach pain is gone. Time to party. At this point, Marc-James has called it a night, and Buzzed-Marc joins the party.

I’m feeling good. Music is loud, the taste in my mouth is switching from champagne to Cran-Orange-Pineapple-Vodka, and my sight is getting clearer and clearer for some reason. I think that’s what happens when you drink a lot; you tend to see EVERYTHING, which is sorta good, yeah? Anyways, I knock a few random drinks back, and get a drink spilt on my pants [its okay, she was drunk.. a little touchy though, but who’s complaining ;) ]. I decide to visit another booth where another friend is celebrating her birthday. In a nutshell..

“Hey guys! Happy birthday FASA family!.. oh what, picture?! Sure! So uhh.. I think I left my drink here.. Yeah! That one, the one that’s full.. YUM. What is thi--- oh man.. I think I’m.. yeah, I’m FADED.. AWESOME. Ooh, birthday girl isn’t dancing.. Time for lapdance from the king of faded-lapdances.. . … okay, enough of that. Where’d my posse go? Peace out FASA, I got a train to catch, and it’s headed towards a dark tunnel called DRUNK.”

By this point, I’m borderline Drunk-Marc.. because I’m sure more happened but I just can’t remember. Success. I make it back to the booth. “Why is everyone sitting dow—hey, more drinks on the table. *snag*.. *gulp*..YUM.” I get a few dances in with the ladies, and before I know it, it’s time to depart from this debacle, and head back to the apartment. Oh, don’t forget your jacket smarty pants! Jacket; CHECK.

Now, I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine who hardly comes out. His name is Drunk-Marc.. loud, stupid, foul-mouth, funny [or so I hear], and just down right ready to party. We make it outside with everyone, and the first thing Drunk-Marc decides to do.. play one of the greatest games EVAARRrrr..

“Hey buddy, have you met my friend ‘Joy’ ?!” .. “Hey, this is my friend Joy!” … “Hey man! That’s my friend Joy!”

“Marc! Stop that! Hiiii… yeah that’s me.. okay.. MARC! STOP!”

On our way to the car, I think I blackout.. meaning I don’t remember, but from what I heard, we were giving eachother piggy-back rides all at the same time. But we still make it to the car. Again, I blackout, but from pictures and testimonials, we were taking very weird pictures and complaining about how fast CF was driving. We make it home safely. On our way up the apartment, ‘Legs’ decides to knock on the wrong door.. SHIT. Luckily we’re asian so we know how to run like immigrants.

Home safe. Again, my memory has left me and this time is quite fragmented.

I’m not sure but I think I threw up at this moment, cause I don’t recall seeing food in the toilet yet.
I see 3 people at the front door.. “Marc! Come sign for the pizza!” okay, first of all, I don’t remember saying I’d pay. I don’t even remember anyone ordering pizza!.. oh well, pizza is ZOMG-awesome when drunk.. *I hand them my card* “where do I slide this thing?” … “No, you just sign the receipt.”… “Oh, okay.." *leaning against the wall with my head down* "So wait, $33… $36. is that enough for tip?” Whatevers. We got our pizzas. I grab the gallon bottle of ranch! It’s on like Donkey Kong. When I'm drunk, I always tend to DRENCH my pizza with ranch, everyone thinks it's gross, but they still let me go to town with it. I think I finished one, and then make my way back to the bathroom. Throw up #2. Bday-Girl comes to see how I’m doing. This is where it gets good and bad.. and good again.. *I’m adlibbing from what I kind of remember.. also, it makes sense.*

“Uuughh.. that was gross”
“Are you okay?”
“Fuck Bday-Girl! What the fuck?! Why aren’t you drunk?!”
“Fuck you Marc!”
“No! Fuck you! Fuck.. Bitch. I hate you now.”
“Good. I hate you.”

*sticking my middle finger up* “yeah okay. Fuck. Fuck you.. Fuck.. Fucking bitch.”

I sit back down. Maybe finish another ranch with pizza. Then ‘Lazy’ waves a pizza in my face.. “mmm, it’s soooo good… you know you want some..”

“Excuse me…” *raaaaaaalllllppphhh* Throw up #3.

Bday-Girl and Drunk-Marc exchange words again.
*rubbing back* .. “Aww.. are you okay? You’ll be okay..”
“Dammit Bday-Girl.. I hate you.. I hope you’re enjoying this.. Fuck.”
”HAH.. actually I am.”

*middle finger goes up again* "Fuck, Bday-Girl.."
“Fuck you Marc! Fuck!.. this is too fun.”
“oh yeah! I hope you’re enjoying this.. Fuck.. Fucking bitch.”
[yeah, I wouldn’t doubt that I repeated myself..]

The last image I see is everyone sitting by the TV watching Eddie Murphy while I pass out on the couch on the other side of the room. From what I heard, they kept asking “Is Marc still awake?” and I would answer “YES. MARC IS STILL AWAKE” .. then I supposedly got up and had the decency of changing my clothes into sensible sleep wear, because I woke up the next morning saying “What the fuck.. where’d my clothes go?!”

At least the bucket next to me was empty, meaning I’m AWESOME.


PS: for those who were here this night, please feel free to jog my memory, or input anything you remember. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

marC your calendarrrsss!!

I haven't been to the movies much. I am what you might call... oh, how do you say it.... BROKE. not really broke, but i just spend my money wisely, like on alcoholic beverages, gas, "company" [see: prositutes], ferry rides, and the occasional "dates" if you will.. [btw, im kidding about the prostitutes. you sickos]

The last time i saw a movie was Rambo. Why I saw it, no clue, except for the part of my brain that said "dude, just go watch it. your friends are doing it, and you don't hang out with them very much.. give your hand a break for the night and go out." So I watched it... .. . ...the great part of the movie.. was the theater! hah. the ENTIRE theater was full of empty seats, except for the 3 seats that were filled with my ass and 2 other friends. I didn't have to whisper or keep my voice down when I would yell "WTF?! oh shit! he just cut that dudes arm off!" anyways.. I'm not a big Rambo fan, but it was something out of the norm.

ANYWAYS, the reason for all this is because of a few movies I shall wait for, while I twiddle my thumbs and rock back n forth waiting for the day to arrive. Of course, there are many other movies coming out that I could talk days about [ie. Iron Man, Wolverine, Dark Night, etc.] .. but these few movies that caught my attention get a special high-five from me. btw, I don't pass out high-fives like they're genital herpes so this is rare.

First one is Pineapple Express, the new Judd Apatow movie. Watch the trailer, it's worth the next 2:45 seconds of your life.

Pineapple Express

Yes, more of the guys who brought you Knocked Up and all those movies. I'm a fan of this type of humor, so get off my back. Another movie about smoking weed? .. wait, i dont see a problem there. hmm. oh well, im awesome so whatever.

Next movie is actually NOT a trailer. More of a "test scene".. but overall, it still caught my attention. maybe its because the book scared me when I was a kid. I don't even think I finished it cause it freaked me out. Have a look see and let me know what you think. Actually, don't tell me cause I'm just pretending I care, and the only thing I care about are MONEY and WOMEN.... and food. ... and.. no wait, thats it. oh, and success also i guess.. meh.

Spike Jonze is genius btw

so there you go. I just took maybe 5-10 minutes of your life away, and you're not getting them back. I just altered your future by typing up this blog. Isn't that crazy?? You can thank me later when you rule the world, or win the lottery. Oh yeah, the weekend's coming up, and I think I'm getting shitfaced because of an EXAM on FRIDAY. so check back to see what type of stupidity i get myself into..

Im awesome.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Notables of the Week


This week went by pretty quick for me, which is a good thing 'cause there's nothing like looking forward to a weekend. a 3 DAY WEEKEND! thank yoooouuuu presidents! so this weekend, I'm looking forward to one of the joys in my life.. the only one that lets me ride her all day long, now matter what the situation is, just as long as i drive to see her, and pay my respects every now and then.. YES! thats right! you got it!


*note: Rob Dyrdek of DCshoes is awesome. not only because Rob&Big is such rad show, but because they put a friggin Subaru on the mountain.*

Did I mention I LOVE SNOWBOARDING?! If not, then here: I LOVE SNOWBOARDINGZZzWOW!!11

Last night I stayed up looking at another thing I love.. FUNNY ASS SHIT! why? cause I can't sleep and funny ass shit makes me laugh when I can't judge people and make fun of them.. so take a gander at a few things I enjoyed.

Lolcats is LOL at night
Global Warming is gonna suck ass. NOT, bitches!
Spongebob+oldflicks= giggling like a 12yr old
WillFarrell you so silly.

Okay enough for now.

Ooh! so lately I've been working on a new workout schedule.. CROSSFIT, thanks to my boy DRU. He's got me hooked [like the ladies that follow him] on CROSSFIT! its a great workout, and I haven't done such an extensive workout like this before and im enjoying it. Check his shit out! after that you can check his website out ;) hehe.. silly.

Tonights quote of the week.. and may I say, this quote is possibly the one quote I will be living by for the next few years of my life. maybe more..

Usher You Don't Have to Call
"Gonna boogie.. tonight. Cause I'm honestly too young of a guy, to stay home.. Waitin' for love. So tonight, I'm gonna do what any single man does.. and that's PARRRRTTTAAYYY.."

[After this, I had to leave to go hang out. So a quick recap of what I left my blog for]

8pm: Friday night, out n' about around town.. hotel party doesn't go down so we decide to take it to our old "hang out" spot, a bar.

10pm: A couple hours go by with a few drinks here and there.. catching up on things.

11pm: More friends meet up with us at the bar [about 13-15 of us now] so we get a table.

12am: 2 tables away, 3 "other" guys try to stare us down. We don't let that pass.

12am-1am: Words are exchanged. more talking and sitting, till they start taunting us. Again we don't let that pass.

1:15am: Push comes to shove, shove comes to blows to the face on the "other" guys. Security breaks it up, kicks the other guys out, but not before they get a good beating from 15 of us.

1:25ish: Cops come, the bar is a mess, some blood here and there, surrounded by adrenalin and testosterone in the air. Tonight was a good night. By the way, we didn't get kicked out.

2:30am: Home safe now. can't sleep, too much adrenalin. must blog to calm down.

What a way to start the weekend, right? well snowboarding in a few hours. Did I mention this trip cost me $5 for transportation and lift ticket? what.a.steal. too bad I can't pack my Subaru under the bus so I can take it up the mountain..

Have a safe weekend everyone, and be sure to give it up for the presidents! who gave us freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and of course... A 3 DAY WEEKEND.

and im spent.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Flowers?! for me?! you shouldn't have ;)

February 14: Valentine's Day.

WARNING: This blog about V-Day is written in perspective of a MAN. I already know what I'm getting myself into, but hey, I've got nothing to lose.

Now, we all know the story of Valentine's Day, so I'm not going to bore you with it. Some people like to use this time as A DAY to celebrate their beautiful relationship with their partner, maybe by a bouquet of flowers, chocolate, candle lit dinner for 2, soft love music playing in the background, etc etc.. yet, of course we've all heard it before..

WHY JUST ONE DAY?! of course we shouldn't focus on just one day to show others we love them.. it should be a natural thing we do throughout or lives. Again, we know this too. And again, I will not bore you with knowledge you already have, or should have.

I'm not here to lecture, I'm here to let you in on how i feel about Valentine's Day. I am one of those who would say
"Valentine's Day?! but.. didn't I just take you out to dinner?!"

I think Valentine's Day isn't for everyone, meaning it's for those who have such a busy schedule trying to raise a family, it's sort of a "reminder," and since Saint Valentine is celebrated this day, why not kill two birds with one stone? Seriously, not EVERYONE is perfect, so of course we will have one of those years where things just get so hectic during life, you need a little reminder. So yeah, a celebration for your relationship should be done throughout time, but I feel for those who are just caught up in things. And the 14th is the day you both can share that one moment throughout your busy schedule.

I'm not perfect, so I may have not shown it so much during V-day, but I'm sure I was able to show it during the relationship, I mean why else would it last so long? I'm not bragging, but then again, shit.. people don't call me "BOMB in the form of man" or "10%" for nothing ;)

So how do I feel about V-day? It sucks. It's sort of a reminder for me.. that during all that time I did the little things, and the big things, I have nothing to show for it. Yeah so I may be a bit greedy, but thats what happens when you put someone else before your own needs. But for me, my needs were to make someone else happy.

There is no greater feeling than putting a smile on someone's face. Your heart pitter patters, your knees get weak, you get a rush of feelings in all your senses.. overall it's probably the greatest high you can get, or so I think. So yeah I should have been thinking of myself, to be more independent and all, but I'd rather go through life knowing I could make someone smile so much, and not reach my "dream life". Maybe that is my dream life; make someone happy, THEN be successful. Maybe my success is found in other peoples happiness.. hmm..

Valentine's Day gives me mixed feelings. A single person having to endure the day where two people who are attracted to each other celebrate their relationship. GREAT. thanks for reminding me IM SINGLE. But then again, thanks for reminding me IM SINGLE. and YOUNG. and I know I can express my love also, maybe even better than you! and right now is not the time, but time will pass and I will have my Valentine's Day. SHE will have MY Valentine's Day, and it may not be celebrated on the 14th of February, but rather on the days I want to remind her how much I care.

There you have it. MARC and V-Day. have a good one everyone, and if you don't have that other person by your side, don't fret. Your day will come, and you will make it the best V-Day for that special someone. I know I will.

Musiq Soulchild "Love"

Many days I've longed for you
Wanting you
Hoping for the chance to get to know you
Longing for your kiss
For your kiss, for your touch, for your feel, for your essense
Many nights I've cried from the things you do
Felt like I could die from the thought of losing you
I know that you're real
With no doubt, and no fears
And no questions

So many people use your name in vain
Those who have faith in you sometimes go astray
Through all the ups and downs, the joy and hurt
For better or worse I still will choose you first


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kristen Bell.. what more can i say.

1: It's friggin KRISTEN BELL.
2: From the same guys who brought us "40yr Old Virgin"
3: Casting most of the guys from "Knocked Up"
4: It's Friggin KRISTEN BELL.

one day Kristen.. we will meet, and you will fall for me. if not fall for me, we will at least have crazy sex. please?

btw, do i like this movie because it's got a great cast? or is it because i can relate this to a CERTAIN event that included CERTAIN people that put me in a CERTAIN position like in the movie?? hmm... naaaahh.. its just a damn coincidence. [hah. im an ass.]