Saturday, February 16, 2008

Notables of the Week


This week went by pretty quick for me, which is a good thing 'cause there's nothing like looking forward to a weekend. a 3 DAY WEEKEND! thank yoooouuuu presidents! so this weekend, I'm looking forward to one of the joys in my life.. the only one that lets me ride her all day long, now matter what the situation is, just as long as i drive to see her, and pay my respects every now and then.. YES! thats right! you got it!


*note: Rob Dyrdek of DCshoes is awesome. not only because Rob&Big is such rad show, but because they put a friggin Subaru on the mountain.*

Did I mention I LOVE SNOWBOARDING?! If not, then here: I LOVE SNOWBOARDINGZZzWOW!!11

Last night I stayed up looking at another thing I love.. FUNNY ASS SHIT! why? cause I can't sleep and funny ass shit makes me laugh when I can't judge people and make fun of them.. so take a gander at a few things I enjoyed.

Lolcats is LOL at night
Global Warming is gonna suck ass. NOT, bitches!
Spongebob+oldflicks= giggling like a 12yr old
WillFarrell you so silly.

Okay enough for now.

Ooh! so lately I've been working on a new workout schedule.. CROSSFIT, thanks to my boy DRU. He's got me hooked [like the ladies that follow him] on CROSSFIT! its a great workout, and I haven't done such an extensive workout like this before and im enjoying it. Check his shit out! after that you can check his website out ;) hehe.. silly.

Tonights quote of the week.. and may I say, this quote is possibly the one quote I will be living by for the next few years of my life. maybe more..

Usher You Don't Have to Call
"Gonna boogie.. tonight. Cause I'm honestly too young of a guy, to stay home.. Waitin' for love. So tonight, I'm gonna do what any single man does.. and that's PARRRRTTTAAYYY.."

[After this, I had to leave to go hang out. So a quick recap of what I left my blog for]

8pm: Friday night, out n' about around town.. hotel party doesn't go down so we decide to take it to our old "hang out" spot, a bar.

10pm: A couple hours go by with a few drinks here and there.. catching up on things.

11pm: More friends meet up with us at the bar [about 13-15 of us now] so we get a table.

12am: 2 tables away, 3 "other" guys try to stare us down. We don't let that pass.

12am-1am: Words are exchanged. more talking and sitting, till they start taunting us. Again we don't let that pass.

1:15am: Push comes to shove, shove comes to blows to the face on the "other" guys. Security breaks it up, kicks the other guys out, but not before they get a good beating from 15 of us.

1:25ish: Cops come, the bar is a mess, some blood here and there, surrounded by adrenalin and testosterone in the air. Tonight was a good night. By the way, we didn't get kicked out.

2:30am: Home safe now. can't sleep, too much adrenalin. must blog to calm down.

What a way to start the weekend, right? well snowboarding in a few hours. Did I mention this trip cost me $5 for transportation and lift ticket? what.a.steal. too bad I can't pack my Subaru under the bus so I can take it up the mountain..

Have a safe weekend everyone, and be sure to give it up for the presidents! who gave us freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and of course... A 3 DAY WEEKEND.

and im spent.