Wednesday, February 20, 2008

marC your calendarrrsss!!

I haven't been to the movies much. I am what you might call... oh, how do you say it.... BROKE. not really broke, but i just spend my money wisely, like on alcoholic beverages, gas, "company" [see: prositutes], ferry rides, and the occasional "dates" if you will.. [btw, im kidding about the prostitutes. you sickos]

The last time i saw a movie was Rambo. Why I saw it, no clue, except for the part of my brain that said "dude, just go watch it. your friends are doing it, and you don't hang out with them very much.. give your hand a break for the night and go out." So I watched it... .. . ...the great part of the movie.. was the theater! hah. the ENTIRE theater was full of empty seats, except for the 3 seats that were filled with my ass and 2 other friends. I didn't have to whisper or keep my voice down when I would yell "WTF?! oh shit! he just cut that dudes arm off!" anyways.. I'm not a big Rambo fan, but it was something out of the norm.

ANYWAYS, the reason for all this is because of a few movies I shall wait for, while I twiddle my thumbs and rock back n forth waiting for the day to arrive. Of course, there are many other movies coming out that I could talk days about [ie. Iron Man, Wolverine, Dark Night, etc.] .. but these few movies that caught my attention get a special high-five from me. btw, I don't pass out high-fives like they're genital herpes so this is rare.

First one is Pineapple Express, the new Judd Apatow movie. Watch the trailer, it's worth the next 2:45 seconds of your life.

Pineapple Express

Yes, more of the guys who brought you Knocked Up and all those movies. I'm a fan of this type of humor, so get off my back. Another movie about smoking weed? .. wait, i dont see a problem there. hmm. oh well, im awesome so whatever.

Next movie is actually NOT a trailer. More of a "test scene".. but overall, it still caught my attention. maybe its because the book scared me when I was a kid. I don't even think I finished it cause it freaked me out. Have a look see and let me know what you think. Actually, don't tell me cause I'm just pretending I care, and the only thing I care about are MONEY and WOMEN.... and food. ... and.. no wait, thats it. oh, and success also i guess.. meh.

Spike Jonze is genius btw

so there you go. I just took maybe 5-10 minutes of your life away, and you're not getting them back. I just altered your future by typing up this blog. Isn't that crazy?? You can thank me later when you rule the world, or win the lottery. Oh yeah, the weekend's coming up, and I think I'm getting shitfaced because of an EXAM on FRIDAY. so check back to see what type of stupidity i get myself into..

Im awesome.