Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kristen Bell.. what more can i say.

1: It's friggin KRISTEN BELL.
2: From the same guys who brought us "40yr Old Virgin"
3: Casting most of the guys from "Knocked Up"
4: It's Friggin KRISTEN BELL.

one day Kristen.. we will meet, and you will fall for me. if not fall for me, we will at least have crazy sex. please?

btw, do i like this movie because it's got a great cast? or is it because i can relate this to a CERTAIN event that included CERTAIN people that put me in a CERTAIN position like in the movie?? hmm... naaaahh.. its just a damn coincidence. [hah. im an ass.]



AB said...


but regardless, FUCK VALENTINES DAY.