Thursday, January 31, 2008

Notables of the Week

The week is almost up.. January has passed us by, and it is time to get ready for February. [btw, how often do you PRONOUNCE the first R in FebRuary?.. I'm not perfect, so I know I forget it some of the time.] So to round up my last JanRuary [hah. nice] week, here are a few things that I'd like to share with the public..

Quote of the Week:
Caught this on TV real quick.. thought it would relate to the weekend coming up for some of us..

Movie - The Wedding Singer;
Robbie: "Remember, alcohol equals puke equals smelly mess equals nobody likes you!"

Website of the Week:
dru, you might get a kick outta this one.. I thought it might be interesting for those who are Cloverfield lovers.. I'm a hater, but I'll still end up DL'ing these songs.

Rob's Party Mix; Cloverfield

Video of the Week:
This has to be one of the greatest intro's for a skateboarding video. EVERYTHING is always better in slow motion. ALSO, watch it because Lakai has been taken this down fast! second time i edited this to post video. Props Lakai.

Chat of the Week:
Aim chat.. being my idiot self.

marc (11:08:38 PM): so enlighten me

marc (11:08:44 PM): whats this bop?

h3r (11:09:47 PM): Bcuz I'm smaller than her pretty much

marc (11:10:06 PM): bop means smaller than her?

h3r (11:10:08 PM): This bitch is 5'8"

marc (11:10:25 PM): bop: v. to be smaller .... ?

marc (11:10:42 PM): or is it bop: n. a person of smaller stature

h3r (11:10:46 PM): No but bcuz I look like a kid compared to her.. I guess.??

h3r (11:10:58 PM): She couldn't even back up her theory!

marc (11:11:20 PM): wait, so bop is a theory now? fuck "Bertha*"! youre a horrible slang teacher!

h3r (11:11:46 PM): Hahahaha
h3r (11:12:01 PM): Pretty much. She was a girly ass fucken girl!
marc (11:12:50 PM): .. .. . .. ... .. . . ... . im so lost in the definition.

*Bertha is not her real name

Alright everyone. have a good weekend. Be sure to slide in the old track by Bone Thugs "1st of the Month" for ol' time sakes.. and because its the first of the month, you n00bs. be safe! and let the good times roll!



AB said...

weird, i found that exact site the other day trying to find a screencap for the movie

Sheena said...

I always sing that Bone Thugs song on the first of the month..

wake up wake up..

Hope you guys have fun tonight!