Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Calculus break > Calculus

I think it was earlier last night when I was shuffling through my things looking for what notes I needed to do homework, and I found the transfer catalog for UW: Architecture, and the sheet that came along with it. Looking over it I notice that Calculus II is not needed to enter the Architecture program..... .. .. .*!#@GAAH&%$!!!11. So I'm putting myself through hell, sort of for nothing. I told myself (1)there wasn't any other good choices of classes to take for now, (2)you need to freshen up on your math skills anyways, (3)you need to be in school right now.

After going through 3 sections straight, I needed a break. So what else do I do?
Find more of these!

Looking FORWARD to..
+ 1/30-2/1: Snowboarding @ Silver Mtn., Idaho
+ 2/14: Steven's Pass snowboarding
+ 2/15-16: Surprise trip???
+ Spring Break!
+ No more calculus please..