Monday, February 2, 2009

This weekend in sports

Rafael Nadal defeats Roger Federer 7-5 3-6 7-6(3) 3-6 6-2 after 4 HOURS AND 23 MINUTES! I can't even imagine playing that long in Australia's 100+ weather. Let alone, just be outside that long. I'm sure it wasn't that hot during that match but it did get to those temperatures during some of the matches. Nadal sets history as becoming the first Spaniard to win, and hes only 22! I think the only thing I accomplished at 22 was passing calculus. Where's my damn trophy?!

The awaited bout during UFC94 between George St. Pierre and BJ Penn came to a halt during the 4th round [TKO]. I was torn in during this fight because I'm a fan of both of them. GSP has great technique and has shown it in many fights already, as does BJ. My heart followed BJ, but my brain knew GSP is pound-for-pound one of the toughest guys out there. Some say GSP's cornermen cheated by rubbing extra vaseline on his shoulders and back, making it difficult for Penn to get a good hold. BJ commented on this during the fight but no actions were taken. Some say BJ's corner are being sore losers, others say its legit. All I can say is that rubbing vaseline all over my body just sounds gross. looks like I won't be able to fight in the octagon anytime soon. Plus, my package would not be flattering at all in those tight shorts.

The one bout I watched. Arizona played hard, but the Pittsburgh Steelers overcome defeat with 2 minutes left, winning Super Bowl XLIII 27-23. Being a fan of Ben [he was my first pick during Fantasy Football too!], I knew the Cardinals had it coming, but I went for the underdogs because [1]Steelers cheated us [Seattle Seahawks, SuperBowl XL] out of a win, [2] it was the Cards' first appearance in a SB, [3] Kurt Warner is a religious man
. The Steelers lead the Cardinals until the 4th quarter where Fizgerald catches a 64-yard scoring pass to hold the Steelers behind until Santonio Holmes pulls out an amazing catch, beating three defenders to the corner of the end zone. It was ridiculous, I tell ya. What good came out of this? well.. Arizona fans did get to see a good 30 seconds of porn during the game after Larry Fitzgerald makes his one touchdown. Comcast customers are being offered $10 as an apology for seeing the 30 seconds. If I was paid $10 for every 30-seconds of porn I watched, do you know how much money that is?! lets do some quick math here..
$10 x (30sec. x my-entire-life) = CHA-CHING! Ima make it rain, baby!

Oh yeah, and of course, the commercials during Super Bowl. Here's a LINK to all the commercials played in order of quarter. You're welcome.

In other non-related news. I'm an Uncle! My sister gave birth to a 4lb 12oz baby girl earlier today. To all you babies and toddlers out there now, you better stay the hell away from my niece! You know how much I'd love to just shake a baby :D
Cheers everyone!