Monday, February 9, 2009

I wish I had time to join this..

Unfortunately I am not a proud owner of a Sonics jersey [don't hate! GP #20 FTW!], but I was upset as many of the fans were, and still are, when it was said that we lost the Sonics to Oklahoma City. Just not mad as these people are though..

"When the Thunder plays at Portland next week, some Seattle fans, miffed that their NBA team moved to Oklahoma City, plan to attend the Feb. 11 game at the Rose Garden.

The vocal Save Our Sonics group said it has secured blocks of tickets so members "can boo both teams” at a discounted price. The group has rented shuttle buses for the 170-mile trip. Save Our Sonics leaders are planning an even bigger trip when the Thunder returns to Portland on April 13."

via The Oklahoman

Maybe if I can find me a throwback jersey for a fair price, I'll buy a ticket for the April game.