Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Late night craving..

Step your game up AT&T and bring the Blackberry Storm to my hands! So far I've heard there are a few glitches, but that's like anything new to us, like Windows Vista, Apple iPhone, cloning animals, Dane Cook and/or Carlos Mencia [Carlos has WAY MORE than a few glitches], muffin tops, asian gangsters, japanese tattoos on white people, and THE ECONOMY [rawr!].

more good news you say?
mmm, how about a new trailer for J.J. Abram's Star Trek. I was never a fan of Star Trek, but for some reason this one is kinda exciting for me. Maybe because Sylar of Heroes is in it [I enjoy Heroes], or maybe Harold [John Cho] is in it also, and I am expecting some sort of silly antics of him and Kumar smoking marijuana, and a cheetah comes into scene with Neil Patrick Harris riding on a unicorn. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

this SHOULD be the new trailer

Good Morning Losers.


AB said...

you want the storm? what about the bold? that shit looks sexxxxy