Wednesday, May 20, 2009

GRFS LOG 16MAY09 - 19MAY09: DAY 27 - 30

19MAY09: DAY 30



1100 2eggs, 3bacon, scoop of rice; glass of milk

1545 turkey neck, scoop of rice, pint of water

1900 small bowl of pho' (Chungs!), glass of water

2050 12oz vanilla steamer (Global Bean!)

2345 Paleo Kit (minus jerky)

0120 1 apple-chicken sausage, bowl of steamed veges, bottle of water


Tired lately. had to stay up late this night to study for a quiz in class.
Still trying to get my circadian clock back on schedule.


18MAY09: DAY 29

4hrs (?!)


1300 (i know i ate something..)

1500-1600 paleo kit

2030 steak with rice, oysters (!!), pint of water

1015-0100 4 Gin&Tonic's ($9 @ Ghandi's!), 2 bites of a hawaiian pizza, and 1 bite of a mushroom and pepperoni pizza

@ Bremerton CrossFit
3rds for time:
12 deadlifts 175#
10 box jumps
300m row
15 wall ball shots

Haven't rowed or done wall ball shots in a long time. my legs were wasted during that workout. The guys at Bremerton Crossfit were nice enough to let me workout there. they have a pretty good spot. didn't get very much sleep the night before, and I'm sure if I were fully rested, I would have done better.

17MAY09: DAY 28



1430-1350 all sorts of cheese from the Seattle Cheese Festival

1615 .5 of my Liberty sandwich from The NY Deli (bread, mustard, lettuce, tomato, LOTS of turkey, LOTS of roast beef, pickle)

1800 1 scoop of maple walnut with hot fudge on a waffle cone from Molly Moon's (!)

2100 .5 the rest of my Liberty sandwich

[late night begins..]

0130 6pints of fat tire beer

0300-0630 4-5 beers of Rolling Rock

REST Did 1 max-rep of dips, 1 max-rep of pushups, and 40+ squats while drinking at the A.M. (oh geez..)

DRUNK. full of cheese. nice day though.


16MAY09: DAY 27

5hrs (NW Qualifiers day)

1200 8oz vanilla steamer, blueberry scone

1530-1800 paleo kit, water

1900 Red Robin Guacamole Bacon Burger (sans bun), fries (had to.), 2 pints of water

2230 .5 of an Arby's burger (just roast beef.. or pastrami), cup of water

2250 2 "German Chocolate" shots, some strawberries, angel fruit cake (strawberry)

2340 SMALL shot of whiskey (didn't finish)

0000 1 slice of ube cake (no frosting), flan, 1 malibu rum shot w/ coke chaser

Judge NW Qualifiers all day :D

Qualifiers was fun. another nice day, just wish I had packed a sufficient meal plan. ended the night with sweets. probably wont be doing that again. thankfully im not a huge fan of sweets.