Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fantasy Football takes over my life again

MAN. I tried to stay true to myself with blogger but life just threw me some fast balls. All this moving I've been doing lately (not to mention work and school) has made me real busy. But the one thing I make time for: Fantasy Football. This thing takes over my life, seriously. I think I'm going to start a legit league next year, with a live draft and a trophy of some sort. There's definitely going to be a buy-in, so that people actually pay attention to their team, also. So a quick update before a do some studying (FFL studying that is):

+ moved out of my old apartment
+ moved into the new apartment! kinda like it so far.. its more "homey"
+ almost done with the quarter; no finals! just two tests = awesome
+ Leavenworth trip this weekend. pretty excited to get out and enjoy some Christmas spirit
+ Snowboarding season is here! Once school and moving is done, its off to the slopes to take advantage of my SEASON PASS!!!!11
+ doing Fantasy Basketball: not as fun. but its a good way to keep in contact with friends i havent talked to or seen in awhile.
+ I'm 2nd in my Fantasy Football League. my 32 acquisitions and 2 trades have paid off so far..

Probably wont get back on to this thing until near Christmas. Once I finish school this quarter, I hope to spend the next quarter working more and spending more time in the gym cause im seriously out of shape (performance-wise). In the mean time..