Saturday, January 16, 2010


This year's so far:

- Not in school, waiting for acceptance to UW *fingers crossed*
- Work sucks so far. Because I took almost 2 weeks off from work, I haven't been scheduled for anything.. actually thats almost a (+) and not a (-)
+ looking for more work and an internship. so far, missed one job by a day.
+ Back in CrossFit. I am recording my work in the journal at the gym, but I probably should do it here again. self motivation kinda stuff.
+ snowboarding again. weather sucks, but recently i went up and it was powderrr. but it was too warm so it was a bit slushy.. I also need to wash and put new water repellent on.

recent WOD on 100114
5rds max reps:
bench press 3/4BW

[82/84 @ 45kg]

feels good to do a strength training workout, but i was feenin a chipper or a metcon. oh well. that just means i gotta get into the gym more often.