Sunday, February 7, 2010

CF Log and then some

21-15-9 95#Thrusters/pullups

*Was ~12:30 on 130509
+ Protein shake [1.5 scoops + pecans]

"Linda" aka "Three Bars of Death"
10-9-8..3-2-1reps for time
Deadlift BWx1.5
Bench Press BW
Power Clean BWx0.75

*Took me awhile because I had one bar to use, so I set up each weight after every set. could have saved myself about 6-7min if I had 3 bars set up already*

Row 5k for time

*PR was 22:30

+ Protein shake [1.5 scoops with pecans & craisins]

The day after the 5k row I was a bit sore so I had about a half-scoop of more protein shake with pecans for lunch.

Yesterday was Super Bowl XLIV, between the Colts and Saints. I was going for the Colts but the Saints were able to intercept the ball which lead to a TD putting them up about 2 scores. I knew it was over by then, but I wasn't as upset since the Saints haven't won a Championship ever. They did good this year, so they deserve it. We had a party at our apartment, HELLA food and leftovers, so I think I'll be good on protein for the next few days.

Good news: I've been accepted to UW FINALLY as a junior, prearchitecture. I had trouble sleeping last night so I stayed up reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea then started to think about school again; worrying about studying late night and not having time to work AND workout. I want to spend lots of time in the gym not only to workout, but to soak in some knowledge and hours. I also worried about taking classes I still dread to take like Calculus II, cause all I picture are huge "F's" going through my head. I think it's early jitters, I just need to spend time with an advisor and I'll feel much better.