Thursday, February 4, 2010


In your typical life, it's always good to change up your settings so you don't get bored with the same things over and over, and you get a chance to clean those corners you were never able to reach. Plus, its healthy for your own personal mindset. Therefore I moved everything out that I needed, cleaned out the corners and junk I didn't need, moved things back into a new layout, and added a few things to give it a fresh new look. and B-Bam! (c)B-Bam

What do you think? Meh, I can live with it for now.

So this is where my new start begins. I've got new goals, new ideas, new problems, and new... stuff. It's weird how changing a blog can influence you to do new things, or exceed those ideas you used to have, or help motivate you to do more. It's almost like rearranging your room: fun and challenging. Anyways, the whole point of this new look: A fresh start. Some move on to other sites, but I shall keep Blogger as my room still.

New goals:
Well, not actually new. Maybe more updated. Im back into crossfit (fingers crossed to keep it up!). I did stray away for a bit, which I've noticed is typical for me, seeing almost every year I disappear from crossfit during the fall season. I want to make crossfit a large part of my life so I need to put in the time and work. more on this later.

I've been waiting and waiting to get into the architecture program at UW, and..... im still waiting. Finding an internship or volunteer work in a firm isn't easy, but then again I'm sure I could put a little more effort into it. In summary of work/school: waiting on school, waiting on work. Tune in for updates *fingers crossed*

One reason I decided to start this up again (updating at least once a week), is because I've put myself into a new "challenge." Many of my friends are in a "paleo challenge," helping them to eat healthy and find personal gains, but I wanted to do something different. I've always been aware of my physique staying in this comfortable state of 135lbs +/-5lbs, so I've challenged myself to gain some muscle mass, put the work in, and log the changes, if any. I'll be taking protein shakes with the usual meals I eat throughout the day (50% paleo, because I help get rid of leftovers). I've done this before, but not with the help of crossfit. I did get some muscle mass but the intensity in my workout wasn't there, so I lost some of it. Hopefully I get around to taking before and after pictures. fun.

On the topic of crossfit, I'm restarting my CF Log! finally. I'll include in the blog as well, in case I want to add any additional notes. So here was Tuesday and Wednesdays WOD:

5rds for time
20 waiters walk lunge @ 16kg
30 KB swing @ 16kg
Finisher 500m row

[11:36], Finisher [1:51]*PR?

Did this once at Greenlake and finished at 10:50. bleh. haven't recorded a straight 500m time so I'll take it. This was RIGHT after the workout and my feet and legs were burning up. Today, my lats are sore.

30 muscle-ups for time


I'll get the exact number when I get back in the gym today. My PR is 10:00 which was about 2 years ago, so I need to get my time back down. struggled on the last 4, my shoulders were dying.

For the Protein Shake Challenge:
100203: 1.75 scoops w/ water + craisins (for taste). Taken after WOD


So thats it for now, I'll be back soon enough because I always forget to add something. toodles.