Thursday, January 24, 2008


hmm.. so this is how it starts, huh? well.. here's my story. My first reason for joining blogger was to find a certain group blog with some friends.. but, seeing that it is 3 in the morning, there's no chance of contacting those who are in it, or finding the damn thing. so how do i kill time? what do i do if i can't speak my mind with my friends? where can i talk mad shit about people and get away with it [just kidding.. not really.. but really.. no im kidding.. but really. hah!]..

answer: RIGHT HERE! in my own blogger! so far it seems like another xanga or friendster.. and those didn't work out so well.. but now that im older and not using blogs just to meet people, i can meet people AND bitch about my problems.. great, right? hah. so I shall update this thing now that I have MORE time on my hands.. hopefully keeping up to date with the things going on in my life. I'm sure I'll be back on here tomorrow to update since this is my "new best friend".. and hopefully find what I was initially looking for, that damn group blog. REAL TALK! alrite, time for sleep. long day in the library tomorrow.



AB said...

but forreal, i'm kidding! seriously tho- jokes dude. but i'ma put it on my moms.. just playin

blogger is better than the rest dude. i've been on this shit since 2001 and through all of the other shit (xanga, livejournal, myspace, etc) i've stuck with this

joey j said...

on the real tho i cant lie, but im playing, seriously kidding, but all jokes aside im serious..

real talk NIGGUH! imma miss yall when im gone...hella catching up to do when i come back...then ROAD TRIP! LV baby! hahaha

Sheena said...

Keepin' it real.. real blog.

Foreal? Hahahah ahhh man. You guys.