Sunday, November 2, 2008

Im trying here.. still trying

Recently I went to the Rockband Live Tour at the Everett Event Center. I was fortunate enough to have a "date" with me so I wouldn't enjoy the music just by myself. Overall, it was pretty good but then again I don't have very much to compare it to since I rarely go to concerts and/or shows because of the lack of money. The tour featured Panic at the Disco, Plain White T's, The Cab, and the one and only DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL who was friggin awesome.
the opening..

The Cab performing

Plain White T's

Panic at the Disco


I feel like I've fallin back into a slumber again, like I did during the beggining of the year. I think it's because of not using my time efficiently and slacking off here and there. Also it seems like there are a lot of problems around me, but the problems don't directly affect me, but just bring down my momentum. I don't have much of a routine going on since work is very flex, so I need to push myself to get things back on track. One way is getting back into shape. I used to use make time to workout at least 4-5 times a week, and now its like 2 times a week if that. The great thing about my the type of workouts that I do is that I can literally do them just about anywhere, just as long as I have some equipment. Other than access to the mini-gym located here in the apartment courtyard, my access to a gym does not neccessarily work with my schedule.So I think I'll either somehow make use of the mini-gym or else workout in the courtyard (maybe that'll get some spectators to wonder what im doing, and get them to check out the gym I TRY and go to). ALSO, I seriously need to get my cardio back up to par so hopefully make some time to go running.

On a more happier note, its SNOWBOARDING SEASON! And so far I see myself going to Whistler, B.C. at least twice this season hopefully. I just bought some new boots and a new board, so along with my one-season-old bindings I shall be pushing the envelope even more now. Hopefully I can start this November. Join Me!

Halloween just past. That was pretty fun. Kinda waited till the last moment to put my costume together. Pictures to come soon, once I upload from my camera. There was a costume contest going on and I think it was set up. First of all, the “theme” was “dead celebrities,” but the only contest I saw that was held.. guess which “dead celebrities” won? .. .. . no idea? .. .. .. how about MONKEY AND BANANA! Don’t know which celebrity they are? Yeaaahh me either. Me and 3 (maybe 4 if Joe could have fit a onesie) friends dressed up like babies and I felt like we had a good shot at this. We also (no pun intended) rolled up with a sushi! A home made sushi! She at least got some of the crowds cheers. All good tho, the monkey and banana are our friends, and I got a free t-shirt and a $40 tab :)

Coming up: Ludo @ El Corazon (11/08)