Thursday, September 18, 2008

milk and cookies

Yes, i did survive Vegas, and no i did not need a liver transplant. Updating this thing has not been atop my list of "things-to-do" because since the last time a blogged [before i left for Vegas], I have been busy doing a few other things that are on my list. I've figured out a new way to keep readers/followers/stalkers up to date.. BLACKBERRY.

my blackberry curve is me, but better. Cheap, small, convenient, and best of all, is not as forgetful as i am. And for those of you who know me, i can definitely be forgetful. I already use the blackberry to update my Twitter, and now I try my best to make note of what i do each day that is worth mentioning. I did it once awhile back and it looked like this..
8/5: hung out at kate's, beer pong [winner], 711 hotdog,
8/6: interview, kayaking, agua verde, fuzion bar
8/7: orientation
8/8: war room, drive to sam's [hotdog in butt], sam's house [sam throws up], drive to kates, drive home
8/9: small hangover, wedding

Not much but i probably would have not remembered that night unless i noted it. I'm sure if i keep updating, it would become more in depth, with more interesting stories hopefully.

That post was done mid-September.. It is now October 10. as you can see i am WAY behind. so this is what happened.. last time i was blogging, i had to save it for later because i was heading out the door. But since then, my internet connection failed on me, which means my neighbor decided to either move out or not pay their bill. GEEZ people! *sigh* anyways, i added another journal note since then..

9/23: Happy B-day PJ!, Wasabi Bistro, nap,
9/24: work,
9/25: workout, rest
9/26: clean, mall, meet with canadians, drink up, war room, hotdogS [so good!], cell on trunk!
9/27: Rainstorm [fgb], work (5-1030), chill, Beth's till 4am

The whole "cell on trunk!" thing was amazing! seriously. So after War Room, we grabbed some hot dogs for the canadians to try since they never had a cream cheese hotdog. One of them was actually way too drunk so we sat hit down in a little doorway. we got 5 hotdogs for me, pj, and her 3 "cousins" ..but i underestimated her cousins because somehow we were able to walk away with 7 hotdogs! omg, greatest hotdog moment ever so far. So we got to the car, and one of them ran into the night to pee, so we waited at the car. I had two hotdogs and my cell in my hand, and my eyes glazed in tears of joy. so i set one hotdog down and my cell on the trunk waiting for Carlo to pee, and i scarf down one hotdog. by the time he gets back i grab the only thing i can see with my half-drunk eyes.. the hotdog. we get into the car and drive away to the apartment which is about a good 15min away. The trip consisted of hills, turns, and speeding down the highway. When we get to the apartment and out of the car, "Brittanie" says "uhh.. whos cellphone is this?!".. .... .. yeah. MY cellphone, STILL ON THE BACK OF THE CAR! is that ridiculous or what?! so my cell phones case has a magnet in it that turns off the screen when you put it in the case, and i guess that magnet held it onto the car. FRIGGIN CRAZY i tell yah. I am SO SO SO lucky :D

so now i have temporary internet connection [see: Panera], and then im off to the bus station to make my way over to the other side of the water to Bremerton. Once i have full control of the internet back, ill be blogging more! oh yeah, NEW LAPTOP! its pretty sweet, but i might look for another since i want something smaller and lighter in weight because i plan on bringing it with me to places.

I also talked to the apartment leasers, so it looks like me and my sister might be moving into a newly remodeled apartment. Can't wait to move in, but then again, i don't want to move in right now cause its bloody cold outside! i think i'm just used to the warm weather so im slowly getting used to being cold again. It's nice to layer up tho! yaye. okay, enough for now. oh, and if i dont update soon, heres whats going on.

today: bbq with friends in bremerton, visit BUNSEN at home [yaye!], come back to seattle tonight and chill
10/11: RAINSTORM, work :(
10/14: Everett Event Center for DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL! and other people.
10/18: House Warming party for some friends
10/31: Halloween. don't know what im going to be, or what im doing. gotta get on this one.

ALRIGHT! im done.


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