Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hide your daughters, Vegas.. Marc is coming! [pause]

Quick little update since my last blog..
- July 4: Sheena's Bday celebration @ Baltic Room. Conclusion: Finding a bus stop drunk is VERY difficult; Everyone got real drunk; DJ table almost knocked over; tater tots are still yum as always; hotdogs also VERY good after drunken nights; Sheena stumbles around apartment while PJ passes out on couch.

- July 12: Tour of Seattle's historic architectural houses. You can tell a lot about the interior design according to the people that live in it [see: their pictures] haha. Very nice walk. Lots of old people. Soft cookies are good without milk.

- July 17: Pauline's bday celebration @ Sushi Land, Kerry Park, then Ohana's [21+ bar]; started out kinda weird, but after a few drinks, and some nasty ones; borrowed some matches and a fan; Pauline throws up towards the end of the night.

- July 19: Friends wedding; Wasn't really planning on going but got an invitation at the very last moment; good music during ceremony; no open bar, BUT that didn't stop me from getting drunk [started at 4pm-ish]; ran out of beef roast before I got to it, but PJ saves the day and surprises me with a plate of salmon and asparagus [well done, pj. well done.] more mix drinks thrown back, with a few straight shots of Crown, and a Heineken. Get back to apartment, invite friends over for more drinks, resulting in a game of Kings Cup, and some FAIL images. Sheena calls out for Bunsen [the dog] every now and then.

For the next 5 days I will be relocating to FABULOUS LAS VEGAS
for a vacation with some friends. Hopefully i keep track of what goes on. This might be a bit difficult seeing that i'll be drunk most of the time. I'll have to make some sort of reminder, like string around my finger. We'll see how that goes. If you would like to see who is joining me on this trip, check out the REAL TALK blog, located on my other links provided. I'll also update ASAP when I come back. oh yeah, we'll be staying at the POLO TOWERS

It's one in the morning of the 23rd right now and NOTHING is packed up yet! This is ridiculous, so tomorrow afternoon is gonna be jam packed with planning and organizing and just being as ready as possible. After this blog, i'll get a list of things i need to bring, sleep, wake up, and do laundry. maybe even do some shopping here in bremer-dale before i head out to seattle.

thats all i have for now, hope you all enjoy the end of july! And a HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY to a close friend of mine, Ken! his birthday is on the day i leave [july 24th], so although i wont be here to celebrate with you guys, be safe and get drunk as always!

see you guys when i get back!