Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oops, did i say June? i mean JULY!

HAPPY JULY EVERYONE! and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FRIEND SHEENA ! She turns the big Deuce Deuce today and we're gonna celebrate with friends, dinner, and a few drinks. *Sigh* we are getting old. haha.. No more parties where parents cook all the food, and you just sit back and wait. So yeah, I missed out on June in here, and I apologize for that. Things just got kinda busy/hectic after finals. Yet at the same time, so much has happened! I finally made time to fill this sucker in.. so lemme update you real quick

Celebrated my Bday [June 15] with a bunch of friends and drinks at a club. We actually did this on the 13th. From what I remember, I was pretty drunk.. I saw a lot of faces I haven't seen in forever, and probably made a fool of myself. Dru got me and Joe [who couldn't make it] a booth, where I think I spent about 30min in during the 2hrs I was there. Ended up back at Sheena's where I AGAIN made a fool of myself.. small hangover and Rainstorm the next day. haha.

Two friends of mine visited, Jireh and Kathleen. They went to a wedding in Bremerton/Silverdale. I met up with them the first night they came in, and just drank and played card games with more friends at Jireh's place. that was interesting, taking swigs from a bottle of Malibu Rum. Note to self: if you want to get drunk quick, play Drunk Driver [the card game]. It was fun seeing them. Hopefully get to do it again soon.

Walked around downtown Seattle with PJ, Justin, and Pauline, which was pretty fun. Kinda wish we spent more time walking around but we started the day a bit late :( Thanks to me, PJ and I missed the ferry we wanted to catch, so we just spend an hour looking for a ride and eating. Anyways, we walked along the Pier, then up to the Seattle Art Museum where there were chalk drawings on the ground. Pretty cool stuff.

I also visited Lake Crescent just recently. Me and PJ are planning on camping there sometime soon, so we decided to check out the campsite. The drive there was sorta long, but I think it was because we sorta didn't know where we were going. But I think the drive was worth it. The water was beautiful! so clean and clear.. but being water from the mountains, it was a bit cold. Nice place though, a definite revisit coming soon.

One last thing.. I'm officially out of Bremerton/Silverdale, and have finally relocated to Seattle. My sister and I found a two bedroom apartment that lets us have Bunsen, the family Beagle, and a decent place to live. Although the price really puts a huge dent in my wallet, I think it's worth it for now. So to all you Seattle-heads, HIT ME UP! Well, I gotta get going. Spending the rest of the day running errands, shopping with the other sister, and then dinner+bar tonight for Sheena. Hopefully I update soon again. Enjoy your summer!