Thursday, May 29, 2008

See you in JUNE!

Lately I've been busy with a lot of things going on in my life right now. School is about to end meaning finals are coming up, so it's crunch time for me. Although I only have 2 finals, one research paper and a Geology final, I still need to give it my full attention. I have a flaw that makes me decide to work at the very last moment (see: PROCRASTINATE). I've been able to keep away from that with my geology class thanks to the fact that the class is pretty cool, and the teacher is probably one of the best teachers I've had in college. As for Composition, its DUMB. I like writing, but only when I'm not forced to write, so my research paper is taking me longer than usual. I should actually be typing it up right now, but just the thought of it makes me want to throw something [not abusively!]. well, maybe at the teacher, but she means well.

So anyways, I have lots to add to what has been going on lately, but I won't be able to update like I want to until after JUNE 10th. I'll try and remember most of it, but knowing me, I'll forget most of it. So have a good one, good luck to those studying for finals, and see you all in JUNE!

*ahem* JUNE 15 *ahem* birthday *ahem*