Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Neato ninja gift!

Mom and Dad not happy about you failing your classes and showing up on the report card? Well you're in luck, and what perfect time to buy something to turn that FAIL into.. well.. it'll still be a FAIL, but you can post up your fail on the fridge with this! Post that fail with a little flare!

Source Ninja Star Magnet

Unfortunately you can't really throw them. Well you can, but you'll just look like an idiot throwing a magnet shaped as 3/4 of a ninja star. Now buy these suckers and make the ladies melt in your fingers when you tell them "I might not be rich, but I've got the hottest set of ninja star magnets in my kitchen *wink*." Another downside: these things are backordered. And they dont come with a free ninja outfit, but smart people like me know that all you gotta do is tie a shirt to your face and you're officially a ninja! and a guy with a shirt on his face.