Friday, March 20, 2009

Snowboarding, Film Editing, and Fun

My friend John is back in town this week from Spokane, and the ONE thing we wanted to do was go snowboarding, and make an effort to get some good footage for a video. Well, the day we went up, Stevens Pass had been dumped on 3 days prior to us going up, totalling an amazing 6 FEET OF SNOW! It was total powder from the day we started [8:45am] to about 4pm which is when we left. During out time there though was REDICULOUS. I thought I would never say it but there was actually TOO MUCH snow that morning. Oh wait, let me back up real quick [cue rewind sound]..

On our way up to the mountain, the roads were covered with snow, slush, rain and debris, and it was still snowing as we were driving. From the back seat, I was watching us pass up trees and cars going about an average of 60mph I'd say. I was thinking in my head "Joe, slow down, we're gonna slide off the road, and I'm not in the mood to get stuck out here on the mountain when there's inches of snow waiting for us to touch.." As I'm testing out my camera to see how it'll look on the mountain I hear "OH SHIT" and look up and notice the Rodeo sliding over the other side of the road, and at the same time look at Joe trying to turn the wheel to regain control of the SUV but it was too late; we were perpendicular with the road heading for a ditch in the road. John in the front passenger seat either screamed or yeld, but I think I tuned it out cause I was too busy thinking "Fuck fuck fuck fuck.." The SUV finally came to a stop after 4 seconds of sliding into a ditch. We all looked at eachother, took one sigh of relief, then grabbed our jackets and began digging the car out. Eventually we got it out and made our way up the mountain. Moral: Drive Slow Homie (c) T.I.

Finally made it up to Stevens Pass, bought a Season Pass for $79 [what a steal! now I really gotta go], strapped in, and headed to the lifts. One thing that sucked: My board wasn't waxed recently so with the amount of powder on the ground, me and my board weren't getting anywhere very fast. Long story short, I fixed my stance which helped me pick up some speed and stay above the powder. Unfortunately I did get stuck in snow that went up to my chest and spent a good 15 minutes digging my board and myself out of that shit. SERIOUSLY a workout.

By the end of the day the snow stopped falling, and we were able to get some decent footage. The park was closed though so we had to make use of what the mountain and mother nature laid in front of us. After my first try at video editing, I came up with this..

It was fun taping and editing this thing so I'm definitely gonna get hooked on this video editing thing. I only have 3 songs on my computer at the moment and Kid Cudi was the only good choice I had, and I think they worked well together. The transitions in the video with the music.. I actually edited the video first, plugged the music in, did a little moving of the music and sounds, and bam; my first vid. More sessions to come, hopefully some better footage.