Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hi there. Miss me?

Quick update: Better. Much Better. I've kept my mind focused on what I have now, rather than what I don't have. And even though the thought is still there, it doesn't bother me as much as it used to. It's like being myself all over again, and doing what I can do for myself until the door of opportunity opens up for that special someone again. Until then, it's time to be greedy :) So on that note..

I want to take this time to thank some people, who've been there when I needed company.

The David's.. Yes, my weird and fun family. It may seem like I'm always wanting to get away and may sometimes feel like I'm never at home, when in actuality I am at home. I only talk about leaving Bremerton because I want to meet new people, not leave my family of course. Why would I want to leave home-cooked meals right when I come home from school? or FREE groceries?! or just that simple family-feeling you get when your around them?.. not me. So thank you for your company. Even you Charity! Even though you're not here, the fact that we get to make fun of you and you can't say anything about it, makes it feel like your here! baaahahahha!

The Fam.. The guys from the Bremer-Dale. Even though I haven't been around to hang out much lately, you guys always make me feel like I'm still part of the group. I hope you guys understand that my absence is just me trying to get my life moving in the direction I want it to go, and I am not trying to leave you guys behind. You guys have been there since day 1, and I know I can look to you guys for some straight up good fun. Don't worry, once I get some cash flow into my wallet, you will see me more often. And if/when I move out to Seattle, you guys are more than welcome to visit! Thanks guys.

The Seattle Crew.. To the new friends I have gained in my recent losses, what else could a guy looking for some new faces ask for?! Foreals. You company is a blessing even when we don't do shit! haha.. but when we do end up going out or making plans, your company is fucking nuts I tell yah. And I know there will be more fun times to come, and hopefully more new faces.. you know what I mean?! hehe.. thanks for letting me crash at your places, letting me tag along in your plans, opening my eyes to a healthier life, and just being there when times were rough. I hope some day I can give back what you guys have given me! and those not in Seattle [Joe, Steph, Dwinson, + more] although we may not see eachother much, you guys rock as much as the Seattle-heads, and I thank you guy too!

So yes, I am back to my norms. Unfortunately, I can not promise this is permanent for my heart likes to act differently than my head does at times. But you all know that I am [somewhat] of a smart person, and that I can handle my shit, no matter what. And I know you guys will either back me up with my decisions or tell me straight up when I'm being an ass.

Upcoming things:
+ More updates on the CrossFit Log; I like CF. it makes me happy.
+ Glow In the Dark Tour APRIL 16th! FLOOR SEATS BABY! pics to come later!
+ Mariners games this season.. yeeeeeuuuuhhh, beer garden :)
+ Spring = More Sun [I hope]! = More outdoor recreational stuff! weeee!
+ Drunkin Seattle stories?? cmon, I'm young.. duh.
+ School stress.. greeeaaaaaat :/
+ New friends.. if you know what I mean ;) ..GIRLS idiot. shit, do I have to draw you a map?!
+ Out-of-State Trips?! hmm.. we'll see.

so see you kiddos next time! oh yeah, IM AWESOME.