Thursday, April 10, 2008

i can't stop..

for the past few months, i've been trying to move on from a long relationship that ended, and it seems to be going well. except for those few times when i would let my guard down too much and begin to think to myself about what could be. most of the time, im doing good tho. we don't talk very much [rarely actually], and we MAYBE see eachother once in a blue moon, except for just recently.

anyways, i know i shouldn't be thinking about it but the thought sits in the back of my mind constantly, like.... like a tiny smudge on white sneakers; the smudge is hardly noticeable to anyone, but everytime it catches me, i can't stop thinking about it. since this is MY blog, i felt i needed to vent out a little bit more.. as you can see, im slowly creeping away from how i was feeling recently. now the thought doesn't bother me in a sense, but its JUST THERE, yannoe?

so, being my usual self and listening to music and studying [studying may not be usual, but you get the idea], my music was randomly playing when i hear this song. It's great for the moment. or so i think. anyways, this may seem like im only hurting myself by listening to something like this, but honestly it helps me. i used to listen to slow jams when we first broke up, and i ended up alright. so yes.. music, how you take words from my thoughts and put them into lyrics, i envy you.

great song. hope a video comes out for it.. if not this song, then either Role Play or We Should Be. anyways there you have it. theres more on my mind but i think i need to rest up!